Welcome to the New Golden Rules.

key with textDo you remember the dotcom revolution?  I do I was right in the thick of it, running an online social networking site that had real events for business and IT people.  The media was full of the dotcom revolution and how it was going to change everything and then came the bust and it all went quiet.

It didn’t stop though, actually it gathered momentum and now all of the most talked about companies are dotcoms (other than the odd bankrupt bank) we just don’t call them dotcoms any more.  I just watched two interviews at Wimbledon, Serena and Venus Williams one after the other and the questions were all about their twitter accounts!   As I write this, the political turmoil in Iran is being organised via social networking sites and suddenly something that seemed almost inane to many people is being credited with having real global change potential.

People of all ages are beginning to see that there are new ways of doing business, new ways of communicating and connecting, new ways to access information and to share knowledge and most importantly new ways to build and manage commercial business relationships.

The Social Business Revolution is underway and this means that a new set of Golden Rules for business success is emerging.  A new set of Golden Rules for business, for sales, for marketing, for communicating, for creativity, for networking, for managing people and that is just the beginning.

The New Golden Rules is the brain child of me Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp and an update on the futurist thinking published as the Now-Business Manifesto and the Success Forum online and as a sixteen page supplement in the Herald and Sunday Herald in the late 90s and early 2000s.  Unlike every other piece of futurist thinking published during the dotcom revolution everything I predicted has come true!  So look out for a future blog where I will publish the bullet point version of the Now-Business Manifesto in full.

As one of the pioneers of online and social business networking (First Tuesday, Now-Business, Icosmart.com)  I have realised that the way people relate to one another in business has changed and yet most of the skills courses on offer seem to have their roots in 1990’s thinking or if you are talking about sales make that 1970’s thinking.  In particular the old school sales techniques are fast becoming ineffective and people management techniques using old style command and control just don’t work for the twitter generation.

I believe passionately that there are an emerging New Set of Golden Rules for succeeding in a much more social and interactive business world.  In this blog I intend to share my vision for sales and business success not only in the future but for right here right NOW.

If you want to not only survive but to thrive in the current economic climate then you need to engage your clients, your community, your staff and your stakeholders on a deeper level, in short you need to intelligise.

Enjoy, learn, disagree, agree, comment and if you get something from my blog – pass it on.


Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp


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