Suit in a box anyone?

blogJust met Toby Luper of Hemingway Tailors of Wakefield and had the most fascinating conversation about suits. Toby made the bespoke suits worn by the team at Enlightened Training and has a knowledge of suits and the garment business that not only makes for an interesting conversation but made me think about knowledge in the sales process.

Now I usually dress casually but I do have a few good suits mainly for corporate presentations and awards dinners but I have always wanted a bespoke suit but have been put of by the price and the fact that I just don’t know how to buy one, what to ask for and who to go to.

If you are selling a product that is high touch and takes a lot of skill to deliver then you ARE an expert and in sales expertise is worth its weight in gold. Toby is a real expert and a lot of guys and girls in business would love to find out more about real tailoring. I would love the chance to attend an event where Toby talked about the history of tailoring, explained the difference between bespoke and made to measure and talked us through the process of making a suit simply because it would be interesting and you bet I would want a Hemmingway suit after the meeting! You wouldn’t need to close people at this kind of event they would be closing you and what a great networking event that could be.

Take a minute to think about what expertise you have and how you could turn that into a client engagement event.

Instead of hard selling to potential clients one at a time, soft sell to dozens all at once and leave them grateful for the experience.

It works for web design, training, wine retailing, electronic equipment, you name it, people are hungry for knowledge and don’t want to be sold to but they often need help to buy.

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp


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