The New Golden Rules blog from Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp of Intelligise.

Brilliant advice on Sales, Marketing and Business Improvement –  Intelligise Be Brilliant.

The Golden Rules and many more golden nuggets of sales, marketing and business improvement advice can be found on this blog:

This Blog is focussed on how the new realities of the social business revolution are changing the way we sell and market products and services.  I will also talk about how to improve your business so that it is ready to adapt and take advantage of the new way of doing business and dealing with and managing people in the Twitter / Facebook / Linked-in / Blog age.

Three things I won’t apologise for:

1) Presenting opinions in a sometimes colourful and politically incorrect way, if this upsets you get your advice from the Guardian!

2) I write as I think and so my grammar isn’t always 100% but hopefully you will get the point.

3) I am dyslexic (a major advantage in my line of work) but a disadvantage if you want to blog without the odd spelling mistake. Complane and I willl gett upsit.


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